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Group Mood

Select your MOOD and connect with people nearby to create a GROUP!


GROUP MOOD connects people's devices creating local groups where each user can select his mood using an emoticon. Groups are local: you can easily connect with people located in a specific place nearby and contribute to the mood of the group. Watching statistics about moods is helpful to know where something good or bad is happening.


Group Mood uses a specific Samsung technology. Chord, a brilliant and fun way to share user events in real-time among devices. Samsung Chord enables simple real-time sharing without the cloud!

Key features:

  • Easy discovery and connection with nearby devices
  • Real-time experiences among multiple devices
  • Fast peer-to-peer connection, without the need of a server
  • Decentralized networks where peers can come and go at any time

Chord quickly connects nearby devices so you can easily create collaborative interaction.

With GROUP MOOD you will:

  • Discover the mood of a group of people nearby.
  • Take part in each "group mood" you'll find while moving around.
  • Learn the most commond mood in a place where you are going to.
Worldwide Map of Moods:

You can watch the worldwide statistic distribution on Group Mood Geo Map clicking on this link

For developers:

We developed a special Cordova plug-in to interface our framework to Chord API. We hope that our work will make easier for developers to integrate and use the Samsung Chord technology into their applications. If you are a Developer and want to take advantage of our work you'll need this three files: - chord.js -

available and free on:

Group Mood on SamsungApps

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