Secret Places: Mabon's Crypt

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Mabon's Crypt

"It's mysterious and dark your path if you are looking for the entrance of the Mabon's Crypt! You'll feel a little creeped out walking through locations filled with puzzles you have to solve to find the way to Mabon!"

Mabon's Crypt is the first episode of the Secret Places gaming experience. You'll enjoy investigating through mysteries on beautiful locations.

Are you sure you want to enter in this creepy Mansion?

Are you ready to solve the Mabon's mysteries?


A compelling story will guide you in the path to get into the crypt of Mabon.

In this adventure you will visit many mysterious places.

And you will need to search for various clues to solve the aenigma.


Can you manage to complete all the achievements and reach the ultimate goal that will solve the mystery of the Mabon's Crypt?

It's a challenging game, you have been warned!


Note: this game was removed from Apple AppStore and Google Play Store for some incompatibility issues with new operating systems.
We are working hard to resolve the issues and republish this game as soon as possible. We are sorry.


Pompeii on Apple Appstore   Pompeii on Google Play      


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