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RSRV: reserve what you want



RSRV, the new FREE app that match demand and supply of  reserving services

If you are a businessman,  you can have for FREE and right now your exclusive address and your  personal showcase. Start advertising your services right now, it's easy and quick and you can be reached by a lot of new clients that uses mobile devices of any brand.

If you are a user, you can found whatever you like directly from your favourite mobile. Select a category and browse through the services available or simply search  them, just typing one word. Reserving has never been so easy and quick!

How RSRV work

You can choose a unique name like this rsrv://your_company_name 

should the clients tap on a link or take a picture of a qr-code, they will be automatically redirected on their device into the RSRV application and reserve your services easily.

Some examples:

If you own a wellness centre or if you are a masseur, the clients may reserve a massage, choosing the day and time according the availability on your virtual planning.

RSRV massage

If you arrange courses of every kind, you can group the students in a single class. RSRV can register them, so you won't exceed  the expected number. The report on the reservations can always keep you updated about the members in each class at a definite time.




If you're a company involved in rental business, (houses, flats,  boats,  meeting rooms or other) you can easily  plan each service, taking high advantage of the opportunity of RSRV

And if you're a client:




in any case, RSRV will be always free for you!

RSRV is the right place where services and clients easily meet, thanks to the high technologies of mobiles.

Download RSRV app from the store of your best mobile for free.


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